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Hope Makes You Live Longer


Hope makes you live longer and that’s a problem for racists.

It’s a problem for all racists and sociopaths and is best demonstrated by our current president Mr.Trump.

Don’t believe me?

He has so far worked systematically to eliminate all hope brought about by the last 75 years of civil and social rights during his occupancy at the top of the Administration branch.

In short, Trump and his supporters want to eliminate hope so that all non-white people die as soon as possible thus increasing their personal profit.

What do I mean by their personal profit?

Scrooge, a character created by Charles Dickens in his story A Christmas Carol, exemplifies a person who values personal profit over the welfare of friends as well as humanity as a whole.

He expressed that the poor should die as quickly as possible and thus decrease the surplus population, so that he, the rich, did not have to be burdened by their pleas for help.

Scrooge considered himself a great human being one that was kind and generous. Exemplified by the money he gave to the charities he believed in. Those charities being the local workhouses where the poor were forced into slavery to pay off their debts and taxes.

They were in their way a “work for welfare” policy of the day. You could either work off your taxes or you could be put to death. Your choice.

The overarching belief that Scrooge held was that the poor were undeserving of charity.

The poor were not as moral as he was.

The poor did not deserve charity because of their sin of being poor. They had squandered Gods gift to them of not becoming a business person. A person who owned their own company.

The poor were undeserving of hope.

They were useless beings, not even human, which have plagued the good rich people of the world since the beginning of time.

They needed to be disposed of like vermin so that the good rich people didn’t have to see their sin and squalor.

He and people who believed as he did wanted to keep those people out of his country far enough away that he couldn’t see or hear their tears, which was very annoying to one’s digestion.

Scrooge saw his own personal profit would be benefited if the poor didn’t exist, were dead. 

He wouldn’t have taxes stolen from him to pay for their sinful welfare.

Do you understand that people like Trump do not see any profit, either in terms of real money or in the sense of charity, in helping the poor?

I want you to remember that hope makes you live longer.

This attitude towards the poor is not exclusive to those with money.

No, sadly it is not.

No matter the demographic, where you live, your income, your race, your gender, it so happens that part of the human condition is to regard those that are not like you, “the other”, as being less than you.

It is a way to ease the conscious, to soften the sound of tears falling on deaf ears.

Those people are not like me.

Those people do not feel the cold like me.

Those people do not feel pain like me.

Those people are animals.

Those people are sinners.

Those people have no morals like me.

A person just like you and me sat and thought about these people he saw around him and wondered also why they couldn’t extend love beyond themselves.

He reflected about his own childhood, born into poverty his parents fleeing a corrupt government in fear of their lives.

He talked to his friends and anyone else who would listen about what love demands of us.

What love demands of us?

Love demands we give hope freely.

Love demands we give from our hearts what each of us can, no more and no less.

For you see those that are in fear, those that are poor, those that cry out for help, our answer should be full and immediate.

I come.

I come.

I come with hand outstretched my friend.

My kingdom is yours for our house is large. That house is the heart of those that can see humanity in the faces of all mankind. All are welcome.

Hope makes you live longer.

Go out today and give freely of hope.

Remind the racist that the heart of humanity reaches larger in love than the fist of hate.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Can You Hear Me?


The cry of a child echoes across the sagebrush.

Can you hear me?

The lights go out and my mother has been taken away.

Lost in the confusion, where am I?

The food is strange.

The light is harsh.

Fear whispers in the corner of the dark room.

I’m drowning in a whirlpool of anxiety.

Can you hear me?

What happens to the heart as the years turn to decades?

What happens to the heart when we can no longer hear the sound of want?

A man, a woman can see a child shiver with fear but not see a human but a problem.

How does one find oneself in league with evil?

How does one reconcile torture of the soul as a legal right?

Can you see?

Can you see by that dawn’s early light, the cancer on your soul?

I wonder.

I wonder how far removed does racism take you from the brotherhood of man?

What makes you want to take that ride where freedom for all has died?

How can the words of revealed truth be twisted to make righteous the evil of the soul?

These days and nights I wonder.

I, like you, watch the images come and go across the TV. I read the words that describe the intent of the law maker. The purpose of the law to be obeyed at all cost.

To obey the law at the cost of the soul of man?

Can you hear me?

Does my voice in the wilderness of social media matter?

Can you or I make a difference? Can we hold up a light in this darkness that has come upon us so swiftly?

Will it matter?

I’ve spoken to you all before about that statue of Justice. She is blind, yes, so that justice is delivered without prejudice. It is delivered equally. She does not see color, or race, or temperament, wealth, poverty, all are judged with equality.

But remember, she is human. Her ears are not bound. 

She can hear the words of the defenders of justice.

She can hear that cry.

She can hear that fear.

She can hear that want.

She can even hear that reckless use of biblical text by self serving servants of our Republic.

Justice has a heart.

Not by strict adherence to law alone can one be a defender of humanity.

Christ admonished the priests that they had made so many laws that no one could actually obey them all.

The purpose of law and it’s administration is not the strict adherence that dictates that there are no exceptions.

What if you said to me you never lie?

You would never lie under any circumstance.

I put you in Warsaw, Poland, World War II, under Nazi occupation and the SS come to your door asking if there are any Jews in your house? Why yes, I never tell a lie they are upstairs in the attic.

It is why we have a judicial system so that laws can be administered by judges who can take in all sides of a dispute and render a decision.

Taking away the children of people who come to our border makes those agents of this administration the judge, jury and executioners without regard to circumstance.

They effectively become a hostile police state upon our borders.

Can you hear me?

I’m brought back to what makes a person turn their backs on suffering?

What do they tell themselves?

How do they hold themselves up in their minds-eye as good people doing the good work all the while they torture other people?

What do people who do not see the suffering of others, what do they wrap themselves in?

They wrap themselves with the flag. They wrap themselves with their personal interpretation, better yet, their personal cherry picking of biblical texts.

They stick their heads in the sand like the Speaker of the House as he stuck his fingers in his ears and sung ting-a-ling-a-loo so they don’t hear…

The cry of a child as it echoes across the sagebrush.

Can you  hear me?



Forces Film, Again Begin



What did that new pair of athletic shoes cost you?

Henry said the other day he always wanted to go to Hawaii but he thinks he’ll never have the money to do it.

The president said he needed 18 billion as a starter package for his wall from our American tax dollars. But he could do it cheaper, way cheaper and under budget.

Even the wall against the conservative horror of the brown tide of immigration has a cost.

We all want things. 

Some of us want more than others some less.

If you’re a Buddhist your goal is to want and have nothing.

Difficult ideal.

Christianity had a similar goal once. Specifically, the Catholic church has an order, the Franciscan’s who came upon the religious stage when Francis of Assisi thought it was a good idea that the priesthood reflects the life of Christ. That ideal centered around a life of poverty unlike the original doctrine of the Dominicans who were happy accumulating wealth for the church and themselves.

The Protestants tried out that idea of the Franciscan’s, poverty, keeping out of politics, listening to the example set by the Christ and his words.

Through history, ever since the founding of the Protestant movement, a division within Christianity and the many branches of that movement, Protestants have had a varied success and failure rate with this ideal of poverty and staying out of politics.

That original idea of staying out of politics is based upon the words of that Christ person who said, “…render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God which is God’s.”

But words are words you know?

Times change right?

Words are cheap.

What was the cornerstone has now been rejected it seems

Our Evangelical leaders in these United States have rejected the idea that it is wrong to want the whole world at the loss of your soul.

They want conservative judges now at any cost.

It doesn’t matter if the president has laundered money, received stolen emails, lied on taxes, hires porn stars for sex while married, is racist, a bigot, thinks some nazis are good people, the people who fight nazis are bad, can’t count, doesn’t read, has no idea how to pass a bill through congress, starts fights with leaders of other countries, attack his own party, calls his own intelligence services stupid and corrupt, has verbal pissing contests on Twitter, endorses a sexual predator for senate, has over 19 women accuse him of sexual assault or rape, worked with a foreign adversary of the United States to undermine his political opponent for president, deny legal immigration, want a ban on a religion, claims NATO is obsolete, believes climate change is a Chinese hoax, encourages police violence, any news he doesn’t personally like is fake, is making bank on his hotels and real-estate through foreign investment while as president, has told the Palestinians they can pound the dead sea salt and lies five times a day on average…

…All this so that Evangelicals can have conservative judges. Yes, so that one day they can stop all abortions in the United States.

Wow! That’s something, isn’t it? Or is it?

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?

Evangelicals, or Quakers, their original name for themselves, have really lost their way from their origins, haven’t they?

The Quakers. The original group who still have a claim on being, “Conscientious objector’s”. That means they have an established religion against war, which they can claim so that they are not combat soldiers.

The silent Quakers?

Not anymore.

Now they are loud as any self-centered, self-righteous cunt who wants money and more money and doesn’t care who lives or dies as long as they have theirs.

No more back seat.

Now they want what they want and they don’t care what the cost will be.

Being born and raised in that church all I can say is I have a deep and abiding shame of all Evangelicals both the leadership and the followers. 

In the long arc of history, which always bends towards justice, what makes a person not realize that they are standing on the wrong side of that line? That they stand on shifting sand. They stand upon the shifting sand of the pocket change which is the belief in maximizing conservative judgeships now.

Making a deal with the devil to get what you want, can that be true?

Yes, it is. 

The Evangelical leaders have all given the Trump a pass on his behavior no matter how odious, corrupt, illegal, as long as they get anti-abortion judges seated so that one day they imagine Roe vs. Wade is overturned.


So the Christians now believe that the ends “do” justify the means.

They are adrift and have lost their moral compass.

Can they find it again on their own? 

I wonder…

How do you get someone to see they have a problem when they think they look good?

I have an idea. 

Let us call each other out. 

Let us stand together and hold each others hand. Let us each listen to each other truly and recognize each other’s fears and yes each others dreams, hopes and help each other come together in recognition that we all want that better life.

Let us together, move together, across this political sea of distress and fear to a better day. 




Forces Film, Again Begin

No Doubt


Who do you doubt?

Who do you give the benefit of the doubt?

What does that mean, “Give the benefit of the doubt?”

Just yesterday I was in line at my grocery store and there appeared to be an adult male in front of me checking out also. However, he was texting and the clerk asked multiple times for him to pay as he fingered his device. He didn’t know if he needed a bag. He couldn’t work the card machine without the clerks help.

I made a mistake giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was an adult.

Doubt giving is linked to trust.

Who do you trust?

We say to ourselves, “I believe that person is like me. They think like me, they feel like me, they understand like me.” However, should we do that in every way? Should we proverbially “bend over backwards,” in all situations, in all circumstances?

Some businesses now have a motto on how to deal with customers. “Benefit of intent.” Assume that the customer has no ill intent when dealing with them and their concerns. 

Are we to turn a blind eye to intent?

When do we take action when we realize we are being used?

Is there a collective loss of memory that there are bad people in the world doing bad things because that’s their plan?

The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, PH.D. examines the fact that 1 in 25 Americans secretly have no conscience and can do anything without feeling guilty.

Sociopaths can be your mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, grandmother, grandfather, friend, nun, acquaintance, boss, manager, HR person, next-door-neighbor, priest, clerk, charity fundraiser, mail person, reverend, bus driver, celebrity, producer, executive, CEO, senator, congress person, POTUS.

Anyone in your life…

They are the reason why shit happens in the world. The good hearted people, the people with morality are taken advantage of by the sociopath because we collectively believe that everyone is like us. That everyone has morality just like ours.

They don’t!

The sociopath thrives on our collective ignorance of their existence. It’s not as if they don’t know the difference between good and bad. The simple truth is they don’t care. They don’t care who or what they use or destroy as long as they benefit.

Maybe it is time to think about the problems that surround us all and why or who is at the heart of why they don’t get any better.

Doubt and trust should only be reserved for those who are human.

Those without empathy are defined as monsters.

No doubt.




Forces Film, Again Begin

How Did That Happen?


My Uncle really loves whiskey. In fact he drinks a bottle of it every day. And then just the other day his doctor tells him he needs a new liver. How did that happen?

Jenifer at work was telling me that her sisters friend has a pool. One of those inground ones. They got a lot of money. Well their three year old girl fell in and drowned. Yeah. Seems they could have put up a fence but they didn’t want to tell their kid no. Yeah she drowned. So, how did that happen?

My brother has a friend, Josh, seems he’s really down on himself. He weighs like over 400 pounds. He eats like a lot of hamburgers and sodas every day. He just keeps gaining weight. How does that happen?

I never told you about my grandfather. Yeah, he never buckled his seat belt. He said he wanted to be thrown clear of the car if he was ever in an accident. So, yeah, he was thrown right through the windshield and smashed his skull. How did that happen?

There was this guy at church. He seemed like a great guy. Had a wife and two kids. They had a service this week. Seems that his wife killed herself. Suicide. Seems she left a note that said nobody loved her any more. How did that happen?

I saw this guy marching up and down the street the other day when I drove into town. He’s there most days I think. I think he lives there. He has a grocery cart filled with junk. He yells at the ants and at the sky. I tried giving him some money but he didn’t want it. How did that happen?

Did you know as far as we know we are the only creatures on this planet that know they will die some day? Did you know that?

Did you know we are also the only species on the planet that can make plans. You know, make a plan just in case something happens. I believe there is a whole industry, the insurance industry, that does that very thing every day. You know, just in case something happens there is a plan.

If we can make plans for when bad things will happen, I am asking now, how come we can’t make any plans about guns? How come? 

We can make plans to help.

We can make plans to serve.

We can make plans to protect.

But the one thing we can’t do is stop guns from being handed out like after dinner mints?

How did that happen?



Forces Film, Again Begin

To Humble Myself


Have you ever run into a bear in the woods? A mother bear with two cubs? And have you come nose to nose, that close?

I did.

She looked at me. I looked at her. The two cubs looked up at me with curiosity in their eyes. I didn’t yell. I didn’t talk. I didn’t gesture.

What did I do?

I humbled myself and quietly and as slowly as I could I backed up while still facing her until I got a good distance away. Once she saw I was removed from the path, the mother bear took off with the two cubs following close behind.

What do we do when we want others to know we are in the midst of trouble that we can’t handle by ourselves?

Raise a flag.

Call a friend.

Write a letter.

Send a text.

Yell for help…

Take a knee.

The religious every day have an opportunity to take a knee before their God and ask for help. It’s an outward sign of an inward conflict. I can’t deal with this problem by myself oh Lord. I ask for help. Please.

It goes all the way back to kingdoms and monarchs. You stood before the aristocracy and asked for mercy. You bowed. You took a knee. You humbled yourself in the hopes that this earthly mortal would summon the grace to grant your request.

1776 came along and that ended here. I believe it’s official. There is a constitution that enshrines basic rights to all citizens of this country, even members of the NFL.

We no longer have to ask a King for mercy in this democratic experiment. However, trouble doesn’t understand time. Or place. Or race. It pours itself out like a pack of lions after prey. The individual can’t stand against the odds. But together on one knee we are strong.

It’s hard to humble oneself. To admit you don’t know or don’t understand. That old saying, “To live in someone else’s shoes.” It is far easier to dismiss another’s feelings. To dismiss another’s life when it’s not like yours. But why is that?

I extol everyone to humble themselves and listen.

To look.

To hear the words.

To understand the problem.

Shut your eyes and hear the tears.

Feel the urgent need of now.




Forces Film, Again Begin

Who That


“Who is in the kitchen cooking my Chinese dinner?”

“Is it a Mexican?”

“Where is that guy from?” 

“He looks like an Armenian. They are bad people.”

“Look at the lips on that one would you.”

“You know who is responsible for all the shit that’s going on?  They’re the reason we can’t have a good country.”

These are the words I heard from a man who is from the greatest generation. He and just about every member of that generation define everything, everyone, every event with race.

I’m standing beside a pool in Ocala, Florida with the residents of the retirement community. The chit chat includes why you can’t go into town at night, the Coons. Why you can’t go across the tracks, the Cubans. Why it’s only safe to get a haircut in a particular shop because they don’t cut niggers hair.

All of these people attend the local Baptist church. They pray to God at every meal. Cry and lift each other up as they die. Bring hot casseroles and pies to those left behind.

Yet behind the church is the Black church. Right there on the main road into Ocala.

The black is not welcomed into the white church in the black churches front yard.

Oh, they help the black church the white church does. They collect up the used Sunday school workbooks and give them to the black church. There’s nothing like a work book all ready filled out about Jesus to tell you how much he and the white parishioners love you.


You’re not going to change these people. Each one of them will cling to their prejudice with their last Medicare assisted breath. They’ve learned at the knee of our past racist American forefathers the meaning of, “Everything has its place and a place for everything.”

To allow anything out of place is a sin against Gods word.

“You going to hell boy if help them coloreds!” From the lips of the church deacon.

Now, we have the Baby Boomers, the children of the greatest generation. How are they doing on that racism, bigotry thing they surely fed from as children?

Our current president is one of them.

The GOP is dominated by them.

The House and the Senate leadership is well manned by them.

Do you see anything?

Can you hear anything?

Do you feel it?




Forces Film, Again Begin

The Racism of Evangelicals


Why do the Evangelicals support Donald Trump?

Some history.

I was born into the Quaker church.

Both my grandfather and grandmother were Reverends in the Quaker church. My mother called herself, “ A preacher’s brat.” 

My grandfather lived with us and even in retirement wrote a sermon every day.

I never heard my grandfather use racist dialog or tone.

However, religion does not conform to the will of the individual but to the power and influence its leadership can wield.

In the mid 80’s when membership was declining and it looked like the church was going to die, the Yearly Meeting decided to throw down their old values and accept a modern reality.

The Yearly Meeting is a gathering of all of the Quaker church across the U.S. to discuss and plan the agenda of the church. A gathering of both professional and lay members.

So, with the decline in church membership due to the social upheavals of the 60’s, how was the Friends Church, as they renamed themselves, how could they bring in more members?  

They believed they had to become involved in politics. To speak up and make their position known. Heretofore they had a prohibition against involvement with politics. What is Caesars, Caesars. What is Gods God, was dismissed in the face of funding, tithes and offerings drying up, due to empty pews.

A name change occurs once again.

The Friends Church, who formerly and still are the Quakers becomes known nationwide as the Evangelicals.

Let’s stop a moment.

Why did our founding fathers want a separation between religion and government? 

The separation between church and state.

A government founded upon the principal that all people are created equal. A government of the people, by the people, for the people has an obvious ideology, present and up front.

We are all equal.

Religion on the other hand makes marked separations between the saved and the sinner. You are either for us or against us. With God or against God.

There is a bit of window dressing to make the reality, “ the dogma”, more palatable to those not born again into religion by stating, “love the sinner hate the sin.” However, we’re dealing with humans who love to pigeon-hole those who are inferior to my superiority.

You either belong to my club or you don’t. If you don’t belong to my club you are an infidel and are worthy of death. If not at my hands then by my God who will make you suffer in hell for all eternity for not wanting membership in my club.

Let’s get real.

Religion segregates.

That segregation is taught from the pulpit and repeated in the pews.

The story of Noah and his sons is used to illustrate who is deserving and who is not.

When Noah grew his grapes after the great flood he drank of his new wine and passed out. His sons seeing his nakedness had sex with him while he was unconscious. For that God gave each son a curse. For the son Ham, he made his skin black as night. Ham and his descendants were to serve the white man for the rest of time as the white mans slave.

This story was told repeatedly from the pulpit there in Cleveland, Ohio in that little Quaker church I attended. It was repeatedly told to me by the Reverend as well as his wife, as why it was wrong for the negro to want more out of life than what God had granted.

Rules are rules you know. Can’t question God.

So this adopted myth, this cornerstone of racism is why Evangelicals support Donald Trump.

On April 4th, 1968. Martin Luther King Jr. is killed. 

I’m eight years old. Innocent of the world not understanding the turmoil. When I heard that someone had killed Martin Luther I was grieved. Someone had killed the person who founded our church. I was too naive to understand that Martin Luther King Jr. was not Martin Luthe,r the founder of the protestant movement and subsequent christian derivative.

At church that Sunday following the assassination, the adults around me all were happy. They were laughing and patting each other on the back. Gleeful. 

They were happy somebody killed that agitator. That nigger.

They were happy that someone had killed a friend of Jesus…

I didn’t understand why good men praised evil.

My parents didn’t understand why I was crying.

I wept…



Forces Film, Again Begin


park bench.jpg

That’s a strange word isn’t it?

The old joke about assumptions goes like this… 

If you assume you know something you, have the potential of making an ass out of you and me.

In the world of Catholicism, this coming August 15, it is the annual religious holiday celebrating the belief that Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus the Christ, was taken up into heaven. 

A point of procedure here: Many within that faith do not realize that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was taken bodily into heaven just like her son. There are no bones of Mary in a reliquary in Italy or any other principal monarchy in Europe.

Assuming what’s good for the gander is good for the goose, theology-based reasoning don’t you see.


Back in the later 1930s there were a group of leaders who were talking to this Hitler guy. This Hitler guy and his friends had won a big election and pushed out the old governing folks in their capital of Berlin, Germany.

The prime minister of England at the time, Neville Chamberlain, found himself faced with a problem. England like the rest of the world was recovering from the great depression. Unlike Hitler and his crew who grew their economy, built freeways, brought jobs back, blamed all their problems on immigrants. England was still in the dumps.

So when Hitler began acquiring other countries, Chamberlain didn’t want to get involved with all that silliness on the continent. He didn’t want to spend any of his political capital. He believed it was best to compromise. He appeased Hitler. 

He assumed Hitler was a nice guy and would keep his word. Of course anyone who would assassinate his opposition, roll tanks into his neighbors front yards like Hitler could be trusted, right?

Chamberlain assumed wrongly.

Back long ago at the beginning of 2017, the people of the US got a new executive leader, president Trump. A lot of people assumed he was going to bring back historically lost manufacturing jobs. Prevent drug abuse. Build a wall to keep white people safe. Get all the health care they need and not have to pay for it. Stop brown people from getting everything for free.

The president has assumed he can call the intelligence community, “…A bunch of Hitlers!”

Without retort.

He’s assumed he can call the free press, “…Fake news!”

Without retort.

Just the other day when president Trump was asked about the 750 plus State Department workers thrown out of the Moscow Embassy by Putin he said, “He appreciated the favor done him and the American people by reducing the US budget!”

Trump assumed we are not as intelligent as he and the quips of a snarky bully go over our heads.

Who really is the ass?



Forces Film, Again Begin



“I remember” is an unusual thing for me to say.

When I was seventeen I died.

I lost the memories of my life. Of my family.

What remained was burnt, tattered, unrecognizable as my own life.

What I have are recollections of memories that I do not feel are my own.

I sometimes wonder where I get the sense of caring that I have and where it came from.

Is it my own in combination with a mentor?

A story..

My grandfather Larkin was a retired Quaker minister who lived with us. I assume he had some kind of retirement but it must have been very little.

I remember sitting on his lap and he asked what I would like for Christmas. We were a working-class family in Cleveland, Ohio with a father who didn’t think children needed toys.

I responded to my grandfather that I would like a Hot Wheel car. “Is that all," he asked?

Under the tree not only did I get a Hot Wheel but I also got the loop the loop track.

Another story..

Millions of people recently got healthcare for the first time in their lives. Some men helped them get it. Then some men got angry because they did.

One man in the middle of the night stood up and with a simple “no”, did not allow his political party to commit suicide. Senator John McCain. He prevented other men from denying care to others not like them.

Last story..

A man stood before a throng of people and told a story how people busy with their lives passed by a fallen and ill man on their street. Only one person stopped to help. A person whom the important believed to be an unworthy welfare cheat.

That unworthy welfare cheat nursed the fallen back to health, restoring his faith in humanity.

Why do we believe we have the right to deny health to others not like us?



For more about our current state of politics read GOP Angst.

Forces Film, Again Begin

We Reserve


Why do we human reserve the right to kill?


That simple question was asked by Babe in the film Babe: Pig in the City just before a pack of dogs were about to tear him apart for existing.

There have been reasons given for killing throughout the history of mankind since the beginning of the written word. 

Some are based in culture. Villages and towns throughout India in the past would select a boy and girl each year to kill. They would throw a great party. At the end of the day they would have the children lay in a hole and a large stone would be dropped upon them crushing them to death. All in the hopes of keeping famine away from their doors.

You see all plant based cultures created a myth, stories, about the magical powers they witnessed in the cycle of plants. You take a seed that looks dead. You then put it into the ground and some days later there is life again.

Life again.

The NRA, National Rifle Association, wants us to be afraid of life that we don’t control.

In their recent ad which can be seen at Bill Moyers web site, writer, activist, human, the NRA calls for taking up arms against those they disagree with.

Again. Why do we reserve the right to kill those who we do not agree with?

Christianity bases it belief upon the stolen and retooled word of the Jewish faith. The Old Testament admonition of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth if anyone does you wrong you can maim or kill them for being unbelievers.

Saint Augustine in the Catholic faith defended God by explaining a list of explicit reasoning why there is such a thing as a Good War. Good killing in the name of God. If there are two or more reasons for someone to be put to death for their offense, in the eyes of the righteous, than it must be carried out to stay in the grace of God. 

One or less offense, you can let that pass.

At the heart of all human misery and evil that we do to each other, is fear. 

Fear of the stranger. Fear of the unknown. Fear of authority. Fear of our own death.

Magical thinking allows for murder. It allows you to ignore the plight of others. It allows you to sleep in the knowledge of your own certainty that you are right and they are wrong.

It keeps you from seeing others as they would see you.



To read more check out Again Begin the monthly graphic novel.


Forces Film, Again Begin

GOP Angst


Premise: The GOP needs to become responsible adults, tough love, and stop supporting their crazy ass children who don’t want to work and live off their parents success.

Call it what you will, but what is needed is either some tough love or a civil war within the GOP. 

The adults of the party need to stop supporting the radical nihilists that have taken control. The do nothings who are happy to ride in their Cadillac’s on the way to the GOP bank for their no interest rate loans on the American future.

Why do they want a job in government at both the state and federal levels and want to do absolutely nothing? If they were in their parents basements they would be thrown out on their ear long ago for being welfare cheats. Lazy, un-christian work ethic, soaking up the white mans prosperity, low expectation, illegitimate bastards.

In their blood pressure, lower cholesterol, mind warped brains, they want everything for their constituents but nothing for anyone else’s constituents. It doesn’t make any sense unless they are children. Angst ridden teenagers who are angry at the world because it’s not the way they thought it should be.

There’s a clue.

They thought the world should be the way they wanted it to be. To serve only themselves. That is the definition of a child. Children do not have a larger sense of the world outside of their own interests. The word is called being selfish. 

To wit, a certain Israeli man once said that it was a sure sign you were on the road to damnation.

It’s up to the parents to teach their children not to be selfish. It’s what’s known as a value. It’s called a value because if we are trying to have a society, we want what’s best for all of us. 

All of us!

The whole reason why we have a representational government is so that the many can elect a few to represent us and do our business. To work for all of us.

If you are in government and think only of your own interests, you either need to church yourself up as to the tenants of your office or you need to resign and move back into your parents basement.

That is if your actions haven’t all ready made your parents go bankrupt and they died in poverty because they couldn’t afford the medicine and care they needed.

So your family home was taken back by the bank long ago and you have no place to go but to some hookah hang out to bitch about how bad the world is for you, a legislator in the U.S.

Nobody understands how bad you have it. Nobody understands your feelings of what’s best for you is best for the country.

Take it or leave it but here’s some advice from a parent in the past.

Think not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.




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What The Righteous Hear


There is a portion of American society that likes to tell everyone else how terrible they are. 

Yes, I mean the followers of Jesus, who at every opportunity like to hammer into our heads the story of their Lord and Savior as if we haven’t heard it before.

However, I have found through my lifetime of experience in the far-right community that these followers hear a different set of words than what is written. 


The following quotes are what good people believe they hear from their Christ.

– You shall love your neighbor and ignore the non-white race.

– No one can serve two masters. Serve profit first and your fellow man can take care of himself. Get a job you lazy welfare cheat. Stop stealing good people’s hard earned money.

– Judge not people who look like you. Condemn those that do not look like you.

– You shall love your God with all your heart. Your fellow man who doesn’t believe as you can go to hell.

– For what shall it profit a man, if he works hard all his life and he has to share with the monkey races.

– A new command I give you, Love one another. But you faggots need to die so I can sleep at night not thinking about what you’re doing.

– Blessed are the merciful. Yet all of you who have used drugs a special place in hell is reserved for you scum.

– Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone. Oh! He’s talking to me. I’ll throw a boulder at those asshole, non-christian, anti-Christmas, mongrel races. Especially at those godless Muslims.

– Suffer the little children, and forbid them not. Abortion, contraception, prenatal care are all the plan of Satan. All those abortion loving baby murders need to dive head first into a wood chipper. Jesus would love that.

– If you want to be perfect, go, and help the rich get richer because one day they’ll let you into their golden mansions and make you a billionaire too.

– For if you love those who love you, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable being around people who don’t speak english, who wear their pants off their ass or don’t smell like you.

– For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, to save the White man from the other dirty races of the world, to live an everlasting life in heaven, separate and not equal.

It’s a hard reality, that the loudest voices of condemnation out of the religious right, as well as that silent majority, are so afraid of the world we all live in.



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Again Begin

Did you know I draw?

I drew before I could write and I still draw down onto paper my observations, visions..

I draw upon my life and experience. Being an asthmatic child and adult. Of dying when I was seventeen. Of being an orderly tending the sick, applying CPR on over 114 people, of caring for the dead, of forgetting my family and whole history, of finding love, of losing it and finding it again, of the gift of a beautiful son and daughter..

To that end and new beginning I have begun a monthly extended graphic novel around the central drive of my life to help make the world better. To point to the open door where our better angels wait for us all.

Again Begin is a journey to the central problem in the world the human race. It has been a story I've worked on for the past 40 years. Personal disasters, failures aside, I have turned to this story many times as I lay my self to sleep.  In light of the times, in the light of dim direction, plainly no light at all going on in some heads we give the title leader,  I will bring to light this tale of science fiction wrapped around an ancient parable to stir our genetic memory.

A new myth..

Thank you Joseph Campbell.

Below is a page exclusive to this website from issue number one of Again Begin available through all the outlets of ebooks as well as a printed version at Amazon.



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Mac & Cheese

mac-and-cheese, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

Comfort, who doesn’t have a favorite food? Even the dead if awoken would respond when asked their favorite respite. The range covers the whole world of food from salty to sweet, from sour to bitter, from the bland to the rich.

Mac and cheese. Near the top of most peoples favorite foods. A comfort given to children fondly remembered into adulthood. A simple cheap dish as most comfort foods are.

There’s a schism between store bought pre-packed mac and cheese versus the homemade variety. The average child and teen will demand store bought pre-packed. Adults with there supposed refined taste pretend the homemade weak runny and burnt variety is the best.

Americans love of simple comfort.

No effort.

No demands.

Like turning on the TV to a channel full of static.

Comfort as white noise.

Comfort without effort the American way. Another understandable reaction to a world that requires energy.

It’s hard to visit that lonely person because it reminds us of our own emptiness. It’s annoying to give a hug to that friend who won’t shut up.

Isn’t it annoying to look up that address to send a letter to that friend you care about.

Comfort asks those who love to step out of their own safety to help those in need of help.



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Toby, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

Just today a person was calling out, asking, if someone would buy them food. The crowd pushed past as the woman asked over and over can someone buy her food? Many were busy intent on their errand the game was on they had to get back with the food for their friends, their guests, their lover.

Asking for food from strangers... 

The voice comes from the earth from the ditch asking for food.

The religious passed by dressed in their Sunday wear. The teenager absorbed in their darkness couldn't hear. A woman was on her phone. A man brushed past annoyed.  

Can you buy me food?

Self critique is difficult. It's understandable why we all are reluctant to examine our own intent our own soul. Ask yourself are you a friend, are you a companion, are you a giver, are you a lover?

If a person has to ask you for friendship, companionship, love then you are not their friend, their companion, their lover.

I told the woman to follow me into the grocery. I asked her to pick a meal, a sandwich and a drink, she looked at me into my eyes, no words exchanged as she returned to the earth fed.

She didn't have to ask..


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Man In Black

pin, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

I’ve been asked why I always wear black. Here’s the answer…

Well, you wonder why I always dress in black,

Why you never see bright colors on my back,

And why does my appearance seem to have a somber tone.

Well, there's a reason for the things that I have on.


I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down,

Livin' in the hopeless, hungry side of town,

I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime,

But is there because he's a victim of the times.


I wear the black for those who never read,

Or listened to the words that Jesus said,

About the road to happiness through love and charity,

Why, you'd think He's talking straight to you and me.


Well, we're doin' mighty fine, I do suppose,

In our streak of lightnin' cars and fancy clothes,

But just so we're reminded of the ones who are held back,

Up front there ought 'a be a Man In Black.


I wear it for the sick and lonely old,

For the reckless ones whose bad trip left them cold,

I wear the black in mournin' for the lives that could have been,

Each week we lose a hundred fine young men.


And, I wear it for the thousands who have died,

Believen' that the Lord was on their side,

I wear it for another hundred thousand who have died,

Believen' that we all were on their side.


Well, there's things that never will be right I know,

And things need changin' everywhere you go,

But 'til we start to make a move to make a few things right,

You'll never see me wear a suit of white.


Ah, I'd love to wear a rainbow every day,

And tell the world that everything's OK,

But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back,


'Till things are brighter, I'm the Man In Black.

      Johnny Cash

Can’t say it any better.





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gluten, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

The western world has become afraid of bread. Why? Isn’t bread the staple of life? Wars have been fought over it. Hell, even Lenin promised a chicken in every pot and a loaf of bread, which was a better deal than what the Czars were giving. Starvation and all the dirt you could pack into your pockets.

Bread can move people. It can change their perspective. I myself indulge in the crusty goodness as much as I can. There’s a place in Eureka, CA a restaurant called the Samoa Cookhouse. They serve fresh baked country loafs with each meal with apple butter and strawberry jam. I eat a whole loaf when I’m there. I had a change of perspective I’m a glutton for gluten.

The Jews followed a trail of breadcrumbs all the way through a desert at the end of which they had a change of perspective.

But why the fear of gluten? Yes, I know there is a minority that has an allergy but why the widespread effort to turn our collective backs on bread? Could there be something at the edge of consciousness that we’re afraid of?

I offer this…

Bread has always been linked with the body the substance the sustenance of love. Always shared, broken apart at meals and passed to the person next to you. I give this to you; I will feed you because I love you, please pass it on.

In our fast paced world going a hundred miles an hour we don’t want to be reminded that the person next to us is a human too. We isolate ourselves; we insulate and declare ourselves superior to those we deem inferior. Love is only for our minority, our club, only good people not those people.

An echo in the darkness of memory…

Go and feed them that cry out and are hungry.

Bread = Love



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Dead Speak

mother and child, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

I died. That’s right you’re reading the musings of the dead. Officially when I was seventeen I died during a procedure to see why I wasn’t able to breath. I woke up to a literal brand new world.

My brain for some strange reason needed oxygen. It dried up. Without it, my brain forgot a lot and still won’t remember anything from my previous life. I didn’t know my family, I had no memory of my childhood to that point in October of 1977, but strangely I knew who the president was Jimmy Carter.

All the memories good or bad of childhood and the teen years was lost with no baggage claim number to call. My life hit the reset button and at the age of eighteen I started to learn about the world as an adult. No fears, no ideals, I was introduced to mankind with no preconceived ideas.

I didn’t like what I found.

A father out of control with rage, a mother on the cross, everyone saying one thing and doing another. Told my obligation was to attend a religion. There I found the host around me doing their time like students in detention with their minds already in the parking lot instead of attending to those words…

Words about love.

I’m not from here I’ve known that since I woke up in the hospital bed with my ribs broken and my neck bent back. I’m supposed to be dead. What keeps me is an idea. Some call it the better angels of man’s soul if that even exists which so far mankind on it’s whole doesn’t demonstrate that it has one. However, a man who also lost his life, his love gave expression to a revealed truth.

An idea.

The world, the universe remains neutral over the fight between good and evil. All we have in the end is each other. It’s our duty nay our privilege to make each other’s world a better place in so far as we can.

Sanity may be madness but the maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be. – Don Quixote




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