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Again Begin

Did you know I draw?

I drew before I could write and I still draw down onto paper my observations, visions..

I draw upon my life and experience. Being an asthmatic child and adult. Of dying when I was seventeen. Of being an orderly tending the sick, applying CPR on over 114 people, of caring for the dead, of forgetting my family and whole history, of finding love, of losing it and finding it again, of the gift of a beautiful son and daughter..

To that end and new beginning I have begun a monthly extended graphic novel around the central drive of my life to help make the world better. To point to the open door where our better angels wait for us all.

Again Begin is a journey to the central problem in the world the human race. It has been a story I've worked on for the past 40 years. Personal disasters, failures aside, I have turned to this story many times as I lay my self to sleep.  In light of the times, in the light of dim direction, plainly no light at all going on in some heads we give the title leader,  I will bring to light this tale of science fiction wrapped around an ancient parable to stir our genetic memory.

A new myth..

Thank you Joseph Campbell.

Below is a page exclusive to this website from issue number one of Again Begin available through all the outlets of ebooks as well as a printed version at Amazon.



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